I've met a lot of great mountain bike YouTubers over the past three years.
Here are a few of them.

My Friends

Since I started my channel two years ago, I've had the fortune of meeting a lot of great people, many of them fellow content creators. I've ridden with each and every one of these fine people. In alphabetical order:

B1KER (Robert)

Met Robert early on. Personality at 100 in real life confirmed. Best wingman ever.

The B1KER channel

BCPOV (Eric)

Eric and his wife came and visited Texas and we rode Spider together.

BCPOV's channel

Berm Peak (Seth)

The biggest mountain bike YouTuber. Really sets a standard on what it means to make solid content.

Berm Peak channel

Biking with Bobo (Lambert)

Hailing from Asheville, Bobo led me down Kitsuma, not once, but twice in one day. Because beer.

Biking with Bobo

BKXC (Brian)

The man, the myth, the legend, the absolute beast. One of the most driven people I know.

BKXC's channel

Cobra Kyle

Texas local with a heart of gold. Kyle has progressed so much and his dry wit is unmatched.

Cobra Kyle's channel

The Crashing Dad (Sheyn)

Brother from another mother. Huckmaster extraordinaire. Can't wait to ride with him again.

Crashing Dad's channel

Huntstyle (Matt)

I wish I had this guy's travel schedule. His ability to travel the region and ride is great.

Huntstyle's channel

JF Rides (James)

From an XC background (shhhhh), James slays climbs like no other. Try and keep up.

JF Ride's channel

The Loam Ranger (Ryan)

Two visits to Texas later, Ryan is an honorary Texan from Alberta. I've ridden his Pole.

Loam Ranger's channel

Mtn Bike Geek (Jon)

Instagram phenomenon from down under. Best known for failed Cushcore installations and box mountain.

Mtn Bike Geek's channel

Mr Tonka (Joe)

This guy will adopt me someday. Floridian who assimilated into the tribe and built a manual machine.

Mr Tonka's channel

RC's Outdoor Gold (RC)

Originator of the prestigious Gold Star award. Fish, hike, cigar, beer over on his channel.

RC's channel

The Singletrack Sampler (Alex)

The king of stoke came to Texas and rode Spider and Flat Creek with me. He lives in a van.

Alex's channel

Trail Features (Joseph)

I miss him every day. We will ride again, either in Colorado or Texas. The first YouTuber I met.

Trail Features' channel

Van Girl Yuka

The wife of Eric BCPOV. She has no fear and will try absolutely anything!

Yuka's channel