I back the following brands and products.

Brands that hook it up

There are a few brands that I ended up buying a lot of products from. I reached out to them, and surprisingly most of them were into what I do and wanted to support. You should definitely check out their sites and see if you need anything.

Disclaimer: I don't get a kick back from these companies. They were gracious enough to support me, and I'd like to return the favor.

Devinci Cycles

Devinci Cycles

Best bike I've ever ridden is the Spartan. Dave Weagle linkage. Like riding a mac truck with control of a mini cooper.

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Deity Components

Deity Components

Most of my cockpit is Deity. I ride their pedals, saddle, stem, and bars. I've spent 2 years in their pro program and love their products.

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7 Protection

I wear 7IDP helmets and pads. Their products are make to keep your body from breaking, but without breaking the bank.

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If you didn't know better, you'd think I was sponsored by Dakine. I just kit up with their gear for every ride. Hats, jerseys, shorts, packs, socks, and more.

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Smith Optics

Smith Optics

Smith was the first pro program I got into, and it was by accident. I've used their helmets, sunglasses and worn their apparel.

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Pit Vipers

Pit Vipers

Obnoxiously perfect sunglasses. I lost my pair, and when I reached out to them, the sent me a few. Solid company.

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PNW Components

PNW Components

When my Reverb dropper shit the bed, I reached out to Aaron from PNW, and he hooked me up with a Loam Lever and a Bachelor dropper.

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In looking for braking options, Outbraker popped on my radar and ended up sending me one of their systems. Looking forward to trying it out.

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Archer Components

After Seth and Gene both recommended the electronic shifter, Archer sent me one. This will be a future Terrible Technician install video.

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Gemini Lights

I did a night race. Gemini Lights hooked it up with the most powerful lights I've ever ridden with. They're pricey but worth absolutely every penny

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Other products I like

All of these will redirect over to Amazon, but I use all of these products regularly.